The champagne mist, “ready-to-rock” TAMA IP58NCCHM Imperialstar is an entry-level yet sophisticated drum set which combines five drums, hardware stands, pedals, throne, and cymbals. It offers a comfortable and musical playing experience to students and experienced drummers alike, whether holding down pop, country, funk, hip-hop, jazz grooves, and more.

The Imperialstar’s 8-ply / 7.5mm shells are made of poplar wood which is known for its full, warm tone with medium attack. Precision bearing edges, small lugs, and glued wrap finishes work together to allow the shells to resonate openly and fully, without any buzzing. The kit features a 14 x 18″ bass drum (with bass drum lifter) which delivers tight low-ends with plenty of punch.

The Imperialstar comes with a Meinl cymbal pack which includes hi-hats and a crash. The HP200P Iron Cobra kick pedal provides a fast and powerful action, while the complete set of Stage Master hardware stands lets you position your toms and cymbals to best fit your playing style.

Complete 5-Piece Drum Set

  • Offers high-end features found in company’s Silverstar, Superstar, and Starclassic lines
  • Five drums (including 18″ bass drum with bass drum lifter), all hardware stands, pedals, throne, cymbals

Full Warm Tone

  • 8-ply / 7.5mm, 100% poplar wood shells offer full, warm tone combined with medium attack
  • Wrapped finishes are completely glued to the shells to eliminate warping, buzzing or lifting, allowing shells to resonate fully and consistently
  • Imperialstar original small lugs are 10% smaller than the lugs of company’s previous Swingstar Series, for even greater shell resonance

Precision Bearing Edges for Enhanced Performance

  • Advanced edge-cutting process provides precise bearing edges which allow shells to ring openly and fully
  • Provide a wide tuning range, with enhanced sensitivity and response

Fast Tuning, Easy Head Change

  • Special formulation hi-tech bass-drum hoops material offers lighter weight, and faster, more stable tuning than with traditional metal hoops
  • Accu-Tune bass drum hoops use tension bolts instead of clawhooks and T-rods, making head changes and packing up a breeze

Stable and Durable

  • Design of Stage Master stand hardware is influenced by high-end Roadpro hardware series which provides stability, ease-of-use, and durability
  • Rock-solid, eye-bolt structure holds toms in place, securely
  • Spur brackets provide additional stability

Meinl HCS Cymbals

  • Brass alloy cymbals: 14″ hi-hat, 18″ crash included


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