The Pearl Roadshow “Standard” 5-Piece Drum Set is an excellent first instrument for drummers of any age, and it’s far superior to the kind of sketchy musical equipment you might find at a garage sale. This is an all-inclusive package: you get drums, stands, cymbals, and more all at once!

The drums are all made out of 9-ply Poplar that produces a powerful sound and is very lightweight, carved with 45-degree bearing edges that make them easy to tune. It won’t take you long to sound like the real deal.

This “Standard” configuration includes the most popular drum sizes, with a big bass drum, big floor tom, and moderately sized rack toms to give you a wide tuning range for any kind of music.

This set includes a full set of hardware, all with strong double-braced legs that can take the abuse that loud drumming tends to produce. They’re also fully height and angle adjustable so drummers of all sizes can get their drums in the best position. The bass drum includes locking spurs (or feet) that prevent it from moving around.


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