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This Yamaha drum is design to meet the desired need in performance of the user (drumer).It’s reliable drum set at all times, solidly built and well designed. It is suitable for stage performance, live band play and other related use.It produces good sound which makes it different from others. Very easy to set up i:e in coupling. It is also presentable in any occasion. All material used in producing this drum are carefully selected. The finishing is a professional touch and highly recommended for you.Colour – WINE REDDrum sizes- 22″ bass drum, 16″ side drum, 14″ snare drum, 12″/13″ Tom’s drum.Accessories – 16″ Cymbals, 14″ hi-hat plates, pedal, drum sit, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, Chemical Drum veloms (drum head cover).


Complete 5 set drum With accessories Wine Red Colour
Drums and accessories


Color: Laser Red/LASER BLUE
Main Material: Wood
Model: 5pcs
Production Country: China
Product Line: churchboy
Weight (kg): 40


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