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One-of-a-kind badges, lugs, and satin lacquer finishes mark PDP’s foray into the entry range of intermediate kits. Introducing Spectrum: built from blended plies of broadband, cutting maple and dry, lightweight poplar done up in an irresistible matte finish, this shell pack has all the makings of a pro kit at a super-appealing price. So whether you’re shopping for your first kit or looking for a tour-friendly stage setup, the Spectrum series proves to be a smart investment. Toms, snare, and kick in this lineup are capable of impressive range and tuning stability thanks to their inspired shell recipes and DW-lent True-Pitch tension rods. Shell-mounted Floating Tom Mounts (FTM) endow high toms with just the right balance of dryness and sustain while providing effortless positionability. Finally, a full set of Remo heads equips this kit for any style you can throw at it, from country to metal. Experience value you’d never expect from an “intermediate” kit with the PDP Spectrum series from GearNuts.

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