Yamaha TIO1608-D Overview

Designed to work remotely with Yamaha TF-series consoles, the Tio1608-D is a preamp, I/O rack, and stage box. It uses Dante protocol to transmit multiple channels of audio from the stage to the console over one solitary ethernet cable.

In the purely analog realm, this operation would require a rat’s nest of cables or a cumbersome snake; the Tio1608-D’s Dante capabilities eliminate the cable clutter. It accomplishes this feat with a low-latency, high-quality transfer of analog signal to digital information—in this case at a sample rate of either 44.1 or 48 kHz, and at a resolution of 24- or 32-bit.

This particular stage box provides 16 input channels and 8x output channels for communication via Dante to TF-series consoles; however, you can daisy chain up to three Tio1608-Ds simultaneously, resulting in a stage-box system of 48 inputs and 24 outputs, with one to three cables running to the console depending on how you rig it.

Front-Panel Overview
The preamp itself sports 16x combo XLR/TRS jacks (all supporting 48V phantom power) and 8 XLR output jacks. A Quick Config switch allows you to interface automatically with TF-series consoles.
Rear-Panel Overview
At the rear of the unit, a fan switch allows you to change the speed of the internal cooling system, while a series of DIP switches determine the unit’s startup mode. You’ll also notice only two CAT5e connection points: Primary, which is for direct connection to your Dante-enabled console, and Secondary, which is utilized for daisy-chaining scenarios.


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