The Concert 88 Camera Lavalier Frequency-Agile UHF Camera Wireless System from Samson includes a CR88V micro wireless receiver, a CB88 beltpack transmitter, and an LM10 omnidirectional lavalier microphone. This system can be used to accommodate a wide range of filming applications such as video, journalism, home video, multimedia, and ENG (electronic news gathering) with audio quality for your productions.

Featuring 16 selectable frequencies over a 25 MHz bandwidth, the Concert 88 system delivers reliable, interference-free performance in any location. The receiver offers 12 hours of battery life from a single removable lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Two batteries are included to allow for quick changes and to limit downtime when the battery level is low. The receiver mounts directly onto a camera with a cold shoe mount or you can clip it on a shoulder strap.

Furthermore, the Concert 88 Camera operates in the UHF frequency band with a 300′ wireless range. Audio reaches the CR88V receiver via the beltpack transmitter with the LM10 omnidirectional lavalier microphone. The transmitter will run up to eight hours using two AA batteries (not included). Finally, the transmitter feature a variable gain control and a popless one-touch mute button.

Concert 88 Camera System

  • Up to eight simultaneous systems per frequency band (region dependent)
  • 16 selectable frequencies for multilocation shoots
  • Includes two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Protective carry case

CR88V Micro Wireless Receiver

  • Up to 12 hours of battery life using single removable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery-level indicator
  • IR sync wirelessly matches receiver and transmitter frequency
  • 3.5mm output with level control
  • Includes 3.5mm and XLR output cables
  • Independent 3.5mm headphone monitor output with level control
  • Tone-key technology prevents interference
  • Removable shoemount adapter attaches receiver to camera
  • Belt clip for strap mounting

CB88 Beltpack Transmitter

  • LM10 omnidirectional lavalier microphone
  • Up to eight hours of battery life using two AA batteries (not included)
  • 300′ operating range (line-of-sight)
  • Variable gain control
  • One-touch mute
  • Metal belt clip


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