1. Owns automatic frequency scanning function
  2. Receiver is equipped with high-gain antenna BNC interface, and the unique

circuit designed inside the receiver greatly enhances the receiving signal,

ensures that there is no signal blind area and keeps the long distance receiving


  1. Owns buzzer responds, to remind operation.
  2. Adopts new audio circuit architecture, to make the soprano delicate,

mediant and bass strong, especially in the perfect expression of sound detail.Its

super dynamic tracking ability makes far/short range sound pick up freely.

5.That low latency,high delity, and near lossless sound transmission, meets

requirement of music expression.

6.Adopts new concept of pilot technology, thoroughly solve the crosstalk

problem in karaoke rooms .

7.The circuit owns noise suppression function , to make debugging easier.

8.Adopts PLL frequency synthesis technology with UHF frequency band.

9.Has 100 x 2 channels, with an interval of 300KHz.

  1. Owns superheterodynous secondary frequency conversion design, with

high reception sensitivity.

  1. Owns specially designed mute circuit, to completely eliminate the impact

noise of opening or closing microphone.

  1. The ideal operating radius is up to 80 meters, suitable for all kinds of


  1. It is the special model for KTV engineering, which is easily congured to

more than 100 KTV rooms, with unique product structure design, and enable to

do fast and simple maintenance.

Main technical parameters

Frequency range: 635-694.7MHz

Dynamic distance:60M

Adjustable channel number:100×2

Oscillation mode:PLL

Frequency stability:±10ppm

Receiving mode: superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion

Pilot mode:digital pilot

Reception sensitivity: -96dbm

Distortion: ≤0.3%

S/N Ratio: ≥90dB

Audio output: balanced output and mixed output

Modulation mode: (FM)

Power adaptor specication:100-240V / 50-60Hz 12V DC

Receiver operating current:120±10mA(12V)

Power Consumption:2W


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