Product Description

At last. An affordable drum mic kit that has the right number of mics and works!.

We took a DMH8XL kit to one of regularly sound hire gigs to check it out (we do hire as well as sales.) We found the DM1s clipped onto the drummers kit quickly and easily. They also have a rather handy little extrusion around the back of the clip that lets you clip the cable into it so it doesn’t hang down and try to pull the mic off the drum. A very neat little feature. They are very squat and and don’t make a very large target. This makes them hard to accidently clobber, although they are pretty solid and robust, so we don’t think you would do much damage even if you did. Unlike some drum mics (S****n drum mics come to mind).

Sound wise they produced a really nice warm tom sound with rounded bottom-end and the snare was crisp and solid. The high SPL capability of the DM1 meant the sound was clean and distortion free. The DM12 kick drum mic is solidly build and produced a modern punchy bass drum sound with minimal EQ and processing, and again without any discernable distortion. The CM602 condensers have an extended high frequency response to dynamic types making them ideal for hi-hat and cymbal overheads, They produced a crisp, clear sound and are a vast improvement on similarly priced dynamic type mics that might perform these tasks if the budget is tight. We had intended to try the DMH8XL drum mic kit out just at the soundcheck and replace it with our Shure/Beyer/Audio Technica drum mic kit, but we were sufficiently impressed with it to leave it on the kit for the entire gig where it performed admirably throughout. Unbelievable performance for the price.


  • Dm12 bass drum microphone (1pc)
  • Dm1 snare/tom drum microphone (4pcs)
  • Cm602 overhead condenser microphone (3pcs)
  • Apm47 drum mic clips (4pcs)

What’s in the box

  • Proel DMH8XL 8 Piece Drum Microphone Kit


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