The AXT500’s mic arm made us feel very impressed and excited. The first feeling when touching it is cool to the hand because the metal material is finished and painted in black with high min.  extremely current level of SHURE

  • The mic arm AXT500 is very heavy and compact, ( 1 is to press the small, long button right at the bottom of the screen in a very subtle way if you don’t pay close attention or the 2nd way is to open it.
  • Dive more into the Mic hand. After we removed the snap to check the mic, we also found that it was very well finished. The mic tube is completely detachable for inspection and convenient for repair when something goes wrong. Most expensive microphones are like that.
  • As for the quality of the   AXT500 hand, customers can rest assured. We have tested and the results are really impressive with the sound quality, the sound is thick, deep down, the wide frequency range allows to accurately represent the vocalist’s voice whether your voice is low or mid-range. high. Sensitivity is very good so that the mic is 15-20cm away from the mouth, the microphone still catches the sound well. Too good for a mid-range microphone.


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