The hanging adapter is a flexible, steel-spring wire used to facilitate positioning of the VCM 3 Microphone when suspended by its cable. This microphone comes with a 33′ (10m) small-diameter cable, allowing it to remain as inconspicuous as possible. This rugged, durable cable will fully support the VCM 3 Microphone and its hanging adapter.

The microphone cable connects to a compact output module, which also adapts the smaller QG-type connector to a typical 3-pin XLR connector for use with a standard microphone cable. This adapter operates on phantom power supply DC voltages between 9 to 52V.

The flexible hanging adapter should be used when suspending the VCM 3 Microphone, but it may be removed for other applications if desired. When replacing the hanging adapter, wrap the microphone cable into the hanger’s steel spirals and snap the element into the adapter. The VCM 3 Microphone can also be easily concealed in onstage props when desired.

Small low-profile microphone
Back-electret condenser element
Cardioid pickup pattern
Smooth, wide-range frequency response
33′ (10m) slim-profile miniature microphone cable for long drops
Flexible, steel-spring wire hanging adapter
Operational from 9 to 52VDC phantom power source
Includes windscreen and wire-form hanging adapter


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