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Wireless is cool, but first and foremost, you need a killer mic. After all, taking the stage with a reliable wireless microphone that sounds like junk is about as useful as taking the stage with a wireless toaster. Good thing you can actually have the best of both worlds. The Sennheiser EW 135 G3 wireless system starts off right, with one of Sennheiser’s awesome e 835 live vocal mic capsules and then finishes strong thanks to the stability of their G3 evolution wireless. A tight cardioid pattern keeps the EW 135 G3 system’s SKM 100-835 G3 handheld mic clear of feedback, and 1,680 tunable UHF frequencies across a 42MHz range give you plenty of bandwidth for setting up multiple simultaneous systems, so the whole band can go wireless if they want to and it won’t mess up your vocals. So, get the wireless vocal mic system that offers solutions, not compromises – the Sennheiser EW 135 G3 wireless system! A-1 Band (470MHz-516 MHz)- Two Year Manufacture Warranty

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