Peavey VSX 48 Overview

The VSX 48from Peavey is a 4 input/8 output loudspeaker management system for use in single or multi-zone applications. The unit is completely configurable from the front-panel screen, and includes PC software that provides a high-resolution GUI for easier system control.

Aside from crossovers the processor also features extensive DSP, both on input and output. DSP includes EQ, compression/limiting and delay. An RTA microphone input with switchable phantom power is available on the front panel.

4 input/8 output loudspeaker DSP management system
Channel 1 XLR also functions as an AES/EBU input
RTA microphone input on front panel with switchable +48V phantom power
24-bit, 256x over-sampled Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters functioning at 48kHz
Input DSP includes EQ, compressor/limiter and delay
Output DSP features crossover/band-pass filter (Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley), parametric EQ (5-band, high-pass, low-pass notch, horn EQ, all-pass), compressor/limiter and delay with polarity inversion
Fully adjustable crossover points
Built-in signal generator (white, pink and sine)
2 USB jacks on front panel for connection of memory stick/jump drive for preset storage and system update and computer connection for controlling the unit from the GUI


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