Product Description

The PC260 digital loudspeaker controller is based on the CORE DSP platform and feature state-of-the-art signal processing, advanced functions and a very intuitive UI, with a direct access to all the editing functions and remote control capability. The 40bit floating point resolution and the 24bit AD/DA converters ensure a perfect signal integrity with a dynamic range in excess of 110dB, for a superior sonic performance.


The PC260 includes a full set of functions and has 2 inputs (with the choice of AES digital input) and 6 outputs. Each INPUT features 5 bands of full PARAMETRIC EQ (including parametric, shelving, notch, res. HP and LP, allpass and bandpass), 28 bands of GRAPHIC EQ and 3 bands of an extremely versatile and powerful DYNAMIC EQ. A fully programmable COMPRESSOR/ LIMITER and up to 600ms of delay are also available. The OUTPUTS include any kind of crossover filters with slope up to 48dB per octave, together with 5 bands of PEQ, fully programmable COMPRESSOR/LIMITER and up to 600ms of delay. Additional features include a 1/3 oct. RTA with dedicated MIC input with phantom power and a GROUPING function.
The SPL Manager, specifi cally designed for the application in fixed installations, is a very powerful tool that allows to schedule, in 4 different scenes, 16 events on each input and output, including MUTE, level change, COMPRESSOR threshold change and PRESET change. These events can be then performed automatically according to the internal clock of the unit.
PC260 can be remotely controlled with PRONET software through the USB port on the front panel and it can be included in a PRONET network using the two RJ-45 connectors on the rear panel (with the optional USB2CAN converter).


  • 40bit floating point resolution CORE DSP
  • 24bit AD/DA converters
  • 110dB dynamic range
  • 5 bands of full PARAMETRIC EQ on each INPUT and OUTPUT, including peaking, shelving, notch, resonating HP and LP, allpass and bandpass
  • 28 bands of GRAPHIC EQ on each INPUT
  • 3 bands of DYNAMIC EQ on each INPUT
  • Fully programmable COMPRESSOR/LIMITER on each INPUT and OUTPUT
  • Up to 600ms delay time on each INPUT and OUTPUT
  • Full METERING on each INPUT and OUTPUT
  • RTA with dedicated MIC input
  • GROUPING function
  • SPL manager
  • AES digital input
  • PRONET remote control thru USB and network capability

What’s in the box

  • Proel PC260 Speaker Management 2 In & 6 Out Digital Signal


Inputs 2 electronically balanced
Input Impedance > 10k ohms
Maximum Input Level +20dBu (-6dB pad)
Input gain +6 dB to –30 dB in 0.2 dB steps
Input Connector XLR F – XLR M to link
Digital Input AES/EBU
Outputs 6
Maximum Output Level +20dBu
Output Gain +15 dB to –30 dB in 0.2 dB steps  and mute
Output Connector XLR M
Delay Step 21 μs
AD/DA conversion 24 bit
AD/DA latency 1.68 ms (analogue in – analogue out @ 48 kHz)
Sampling frequency 48 KHz
Internal porcessing 40 bit floating point
Display 192×32 LCD Graphic Display
Remote control USB, RJ45 PRONET In/Out
Maximum number of filters 5 Per input / 5 per output


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