Allen & Heath GX4816 Overview

Designed for SQ and dLive mixing systems, the Allen & Heath GX4816 is a 96 kHz, 48 input / 16 output portable GX Expander with DX sockets. The GX4816 is loaded with 48 dLive mic preamps with independent phantom power LED indicators, plus 16 XLR line outputs. Additionally, two DX ports are provided for connection to up to four DX Expanders for further I/O expansion. Connection to an ME personal mixing system is possible via the DX2 socket. The unit can be placed on the floor or rack mounted (5 RU) with the included rack ears. The Allen & Heath GX4816 ships with a power cord.

  • Compatible with SQ and dLive (firmware 1.9 or later) systems
  • 48 high-end, low noise mic preamps on XLR with phantom power status LEDs (individually addressable)
  • 16 XLR line outs
  • 96 kHz operation
  • GX connection with locking etherCON port
  • DX1 Port: Compatible with a single DX32, or up to two DX168/DX164-W expanders
  • DX2/ME Port: Compatible with a single DX32, up to two DX168/DX164-W expanders, or a ME personal monitoring system
  • Multiple GX4816 can be added to a system:
    • Up to 2 GX4816 units can be added to a SQ system
    • Up to 5 GX4816 units can be added to a dLive S Class system
    • Up to 3 GX4816 units can be added to a dLive C Class system
  • Rack-mounted (5 RU) or shelf/floor operation
  • Plug and Play: No IP addressing required
  • Compatible with CAT5e (or higher) cables of up to 328.1′
  • Locking etherCON ports


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