Yamaha MGP32X Overview

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The MGP32X 32-Channel Analog Mixing Console with DSP Effects from Yamaha is a 32-track analog mixer with digital control and features 24 D-Pre microphone preamps, 32 line inputs, 6 auxiliary sends, and 2 effects sends. It is designed for use in live sound environments, including clubs and houses of worship.

Each channel has Yamaha’s X-pressive 3-band equalizer and 1-Knob compressor, allowing channel-independent frequency and dynamic control. The MGP32X has an integrated DSP Hybrid Channel section that includes 3 types of reverb and 16 effects, as well as auto-ducker and auto-leveler functions that allow for hands-off monitoring of sources. The digital portion of the MGP32X also allows for iPhone and iPod touch control of a variety of parameters via the free MGP Editor app. You can also playback music from your iTunes catalog via the iOS input USB port, freeing up an analog input on the console. A second USB port allows you to record your live performance directly to external USB media, as either a stereo WAV or MP3 file.

D-PRE Mic Preamp

These studio-grade, discrete Class-A mic preamps employ an inverted Darlington circuit design that features multiple circuitry elements in a multi-layered configuration in order to deliver more power with lower impedance. This means all the character, depth and feel of your original signal will be delivered with fat, natural sounding bass and smooth, soaring highs. Rediscover a favorite mic or trusted instrument by capturing the full range of sound

1- Knob Compressors

These intelligent compressors add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources with the touch of a single control – minus the hassle of setting up and configuring outboard gear. The MGP32X has 1-knob compressors that feature LED indicators allowing you to visually monitor when the compression “kicks in” on each channel

X-pressive EQ

Throughout the development of the VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) effects used in its high-end professional digital mixers, Yamaha became increasingly focused on reproducing the warmth and musicality of classic vintage EQs. It was through precise modeling of the original circuitry of some of the most sought-after EQ modules from the past that Yamaha discovered a characteristic “X-shape” of the frequency curves that was unique to these units – and would ultimately prove essential to unlocking vintage authenticity. More than just a means of tweaking your mix, the precise response and very steep shelving of the high and low frequencies make the X-pressive EQ a useful sound-shaping tool

Internal Power Supply

You can plug in with confidence in any region with 100V- 240V power thanks to Yamaha’s internal universal power supply. With its multi-voltage design, the MGP ensures worry-free operation in potentially damaging environments with fluctuating power levels. An Internal power supply also simplifies rack mounting of the console at installed applications, with no use for a bulky adapter or additional connections

Hybrid Channel

Beneath the analog-style knobs and encoders of MGP Series mixing consoles lies a digital control system – a fusion that combines traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital technology can offer. The MGP Series utilizes a proprietary DSP to provide three essential features that are staples of both installed and live sound applications. In keeping with the theme of analog simplicity found throughout the MGP Series design, each of these functions is readily accessible and available at the touch of a button. The MGP32X features a mid-sweep, three-band EQ for sound control and on-board A/D and D/A converters

Priority Ducker

An invaluable feature for applications over another sound source automatically, just by speaking into the mic. Stop talking and the other sound source is brought back to its original level, therefore no console operator is required for this simple function. You can even adjust the ducker attenuation of sound source depending on your preferences.


This intelligent compressor “auto levels” different tracks from a sound source that vary in volume, providing a more even listening experience. Ideal for small events with un-manned operation of your console, Yamaha’s proprietary DSP algorithm allows for extended play time without the worry of fluctuating volume levels distracting your listeners

Stereo Image

The Stereo Image function narrows the pan balance of the stereo sound source so that audiences spread over a wide area can enjoy the mix. This is helpful for installed sound applications that require background music. Using either of the two settings – MONO and BLEND – Stereo Image ensures that everyone is in the “sweet spot” by providing a more optimally mixed sound to the entire space

Dual Digital Effects

MGP Series mixing consoles offer two separate effects processors for enhancement of your sound, with intuitive control. Yamaha’s REV-X reverb offers three musical and natural high-resolution reverb effects: Hall, Room and Plate; a first for any Yamaha analog mixer. For more sound-shaping possibilities, Yamaha’s SPX digital multi-effect processor provides a useful selection of 16 advanced digital effects with editable parameters. Both processors can be used simultaneously, giving you a vast array of tools to color your sound.

Digital Connectivity for Your iPod or iPhone

iPod/iPhone integration with the MGP offers much more than playback. With a single connection your Apple device is transformed into a flexible controller, giving you more detailed control of your MGP console
MGP Editor:
MGP Editor is a free software application that gives you additional control of your console’s DSP settings via your iPod/iPhone. With a simple and intuitive graphic display, MGP Editor gives you additional, detailed control of your REV-X and SPX effects parameters – as well as Hybrid Channel’s Priority Ducker, Leveler and iPod/iPhone’s playback settings. Setting the GEQ and Master comp can be adjusted. Direct playback of iTunes play list is also possible
Digital Playback:
The MGP Series mixers feature a built-in USB port to connect and charge your iPod or iPhone for seamless playback with a single connection. A direct digital connection offers a much higher level of quality with more detail and clarity than typical analog inputs can provide

Graphic EQ & Multi-Band Compressor

Graphic EQ:
The Graphic EQ features 14-band and flex 9-band modes that can easily be controlled via internal display. By limiting the number of bands for boost and cut, the extra DSP can be employed to narrow the filters to 1/3 octave, and allow the user to sweep the filter to the range where adjustment is required. With 31 different filter positions, very fine adjustments can be made. Additionally, finding and reducing feedback is quick and easy using the offset/gain controls to point out vulnerable frequencies before the feedback occurs.
Multi-Band Compressor:
Both a standard type (COMP) and a 3-band divided (Multi-band) master compressor have been built-in. Using a master compressor allows you to reduce the overall dynamic range of the signal to fit the environment, and protect the sound system from overloads. A total of 8 memory scenes (3 read only and 5 user defined) allow settings to easily be stored and recalled as needed quickly

USB Device Recording and Playback

You can archive every performance with the record function that allows direct recording to a conventional USB storage device. Choose from Stereo Out or Matrix Out 1 and 2 as the source, and select WAV or MP3 as file formats. Playback of audio files is also supported with the USB device. You can easily route this to a hybrid channel or to monitor out


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