Super Star  Drum.

5pcs Drum set

Bass Drum  –  22” x 16” 20lugs

Floor Tom – 16” 16lugs

Tom-tom  – 12” 12lugs & 10” 12lugs

Snare Drum   – Wood shell 14”x3.5 20lugs

Snare Drum head – White coated.


Tom-tom  holder – Single Pole with suspension

Cymbal Stand – Boom Cymbal stand

Snare Stand – Boom stand

Cymbals.1.2mm  16”/ 2×14”

Lugs.    Powered lug

Pedal.   Big Pedal engrave virgin logo.

Drum head. Virgin  Double oil drum head/chemical velon

Colors .  Sparkling Red/Black/Green/gray/Silver/lemon


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