This 200mW 532nm focus green laser pointer is exquisite, portable and has extensive applications, it emits green light with a wave length of 532nm. The laser pointer can be transformed into a “Disco Laser Pointer” with its Star Cap. The portable button is designed as the switch, easy to operate and control. Black Body makes the laser light in the night vivid and unique. Also it features shock resistance due to its aero metal body. You will feel like in a disco party with your very own Laser pointer. This green laser pointer optimizes your life undoubtedly!

  • Made of high quality material, so it is enough durable for long time using
  • The red laser can be seen as far as the eye can see
  • Power saving, compact design and reliable
  • Simple press the button to activate the green laser pointer and release it to deactivate.
  • Lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets
  • Perfect for teachers, professors, doctors, managers, engineers, dancers, aimers and shooters, star gazer to point out and so on.
  • Key provided to safely lock and unlock to avoid using by children.


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