Numark NDX200 Overview

The NDX200 from Numark is a tabletop CD player with looping, pitch control, and other high performance features. It enables you to play audio from CDs and CD-Rs, while being able to speed up or slow down the pitch by 16%, loop sections of the audio, and scratch the audio playback with its large jog-shuttle wheel. These controls encourage the creative manipulation of sound, and are very useful when mixing music DJ-style.

The looping section of the NDX200 allows you to create the loop in and out points on-the-fly. A reloop button is also included that will start the loop over from the “in point” whenever it is pushed. Pushing the reloop button rapidly creates a stuttering effect. At the touch of a button the large jog-shuttle wheel turns into a searching navigation device. You can use it to scroll through songs to quickly find the next tune to play.

Featuring all the essential functions needed to fully control the playback of music and sound files, the NDX200 is also ergonomically designed to interact well with other equipment. Portable and ready to travel, the budget-friendly NDX200 is a great option for anyone looking for a DJ-style CD deck.

Rugged tabletop CD player
Perform with CDs and CD-Rs
Large jog-shuttle wheel for comfortable performance
Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology
Seamless looping for creating and integrating loops
Single, continuous, and programmable playback
Fader start for automatic playback on crossfader move (requires compatible mixer)


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