Numark Mixtrack Quad Overview

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The Numark Mixtrack Quad 4-Channel DJ Controller With Audio I/O is designed for DJing and live performance applications. The USB bus powered controller features four channels of software control and a copy of 4-Deck Virtual DJ LE software. You can also use the controller with other DJ programs such as Traktor. The unit is equipped with two plastic platters for backward and forward spins, transport controls, music navigation controls, eight RGB lit buttons per side for performance functions such as sample looping and effects, a crossfader, a bank of four faders, a bank of EQ filters, and a built-in audio interface.


Features two color-customizable dual-zone touch sensitive platters for jogging, pitch bending, and scratching tracks in your DJ software

Performance Pads

Provides 16 chromatic illuminated pads for creating loops, launching samples, and setting hot cues for playing back tracks

Effect Controls

Provides 16 dedicated effect controls for manipulating phaser, echo, flanger, and more

Four Channels

Enables you to mix, remix, mashup, deconstruct and match up to four separate tracks within you DJ software


Allows you to assign your choice of 16 colors to the platters to correlate with the controller’s four channels, providing instantaneous visual feedback

Dedicated Controls

Provides dedicated mixing controls of the four channels including crossfader, 3-band EQ, and music library navigation

Audio Interface

Provides USB powered I/O to DJ software and hardware connection for headphones, microphone, and PA system

Virtual DJ LE Software

Provides computer DJ software with MIDI control of built in effects and four channel mixing

Free Sample Packs

Includes 380+ premium samples for FREE by Prime Loops. Prime Loops is an award-winning team of specialist audio technicians and sound designers who create sound content for DJ’s, artists and music producers. Prime Loops libraries have been featured in many chart-topping tracks from artists such as Skrillex, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Doctor P and many more


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