Pioneer CDJ-350 Overview

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The CDJ-350 Digital Multi Player by Pioneer is a CD/USB audio deck capable of playing WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC files. HID and MIDI compatibility allows the CDJ to be used with third-party DJ software.

The CDJ-350 has a front loading CD drive, which can read manufactured audio CDs as well as CD-R/RW’s. External storage devices, such as flash drives, connect to the type A USB port on the top panel. The CDJ can utilize these sources without any assistance from a computer.

The CDJ-350 has helpful tools for beginning DJs, including easy-to-use beat matching and looping functionality.

Includes rekordbox Software

The CDJ-350 includes rekordbox, a music management program that catalogs your music library. rekordbox analyzes and prepares files to be used with CDJ turntables.

Compatible with Various File Formats

The CDJ-350 can play MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files.

USB Port

Located on top of the CDJ-350, a USB port enables connection to an external storage device, minimizing the need for a laptop.

BEAT Display Function

Assists in scratch and loop accuracy by illustrating the tempo, meter, and playback point of a song.


A master BPM can be set, allowing a series of songs to be automatically beat-matched.

Auto Beat Loop Function

A variety of loop functions can be enabled at the press of one button, including:

  • Beat Loop – Matches the BPM and loops 4-beats.
  • Loop Divide – Divides current loop in half.
  • Hot Loop – Instantly returns to the beginning of current loop.

Software Compatibility

HID technology enables easy, precise control of Digital Vinyl Systems without time-coded discs. The CDJ-350 can also transmit MIDI signal from its back panel type B USB connection, which allows communication with third-party DJ software on a laptop.


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