Yamaha TRBX305 PWT Overview

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Yamaha‘s pewter TRBX300 Series 5-String Electric Bass gives you long sustained notes with its solid mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, and maple/mahogany neck, along with a clean sound due to its hum-cancelling pickups. With its active genre-specific EQ you can dial in anything from an aggressive Stanley Clark slap tone to a Jamerson-style meat-and-potatoes Motown sound.

The TRBX300 features old-school-style large pickups with oversized polepieces and ceramic magnets to deliver a clear, defined, deep bass tone. Master volume, bass, treble, and blend knob plus an EQ switch allow you to dial in the tone that you want, from ’70s-style funk to ’80s-style metal and more.

The bolt-on neck joint teams up with the die-cast bridge for balanced string vibration and strength, delivering a clear, punchy, full, rich tone. The deep top cut-away allows for upper fret access, while the straight string pull from nut to machine head reduces overtones and helps you stay in tune.


Solid mahogany body with a 3D design for a balance between tone and comfort, coupled with balanced weight distribution


Combines a fast, comfortable profile with 5-piece maple/mahogany laminated construction for stability and tone


YGD-designed M3 pickups feature oversized polepieces and ceramic magnets for a clear, powerful tone with definition and depth.
The hum-cancelling design ensures a clean and noise-free sound while the integral thumb-rest provides natural playability


Master volume, bass, and treble with blend knob and EQ switch


Active circuit with 5 tuned, full-spectrum EQ curves optimized to give access to genre-specific sounds, along with powerful 2-band master equalization to shape and define your tone

Neck Joint

Precision fitted bolt-on neck joint for adjustability and clear, punchy tone.
The neck joint shape balances strength, vibration transfer and upper-fret access


The high-mass die-cast bridge efficiently transfers string vibrations to the body for full, rich tone combined with simple adjustability and rugged durability.
18mm string spacing on the 5-string model offers playability for slap or finger style playing


Straight string-pull from nut to machine head eliminates lateral tension, reducing overtones and providing tuning stability


43mm nut width enables fast, comfortable playability

Output Jack

Metal plate-mounted standard jack socket offers durability and easy maintenance


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