Yamaha MODX8 Plus Synthesizer with Graded Hammer Action Overview

The Yamaha MODX8+ Synthesizer Keyboard builds on the success of the now iconic MODX series, featuring expanded memory and polyphony (for FM-X) – now with 128 notes. The MODX8+ comes equipped with the AWM2 engine, providing ultra-versatile sound design capabilities. The sample and synthesis engine delivers sonically accurate emulations of acoustic instruments, synth sounds and percussion.

The FM-X section provides unique and expressive synthesis technology, which is highly programmable and ideal for music producers. The MODX8+’s onboard memory has been expanded to 1.7GB – the same as the Montage series, so you can store even more sounds and patches. It even has a built-in USB audio interface so you can use it for computer-based music production. If that wasn’t enough, the MODX8+ also features onboard sliders and a crisp LED touchscreen display for navigating between sounds and settings.


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