Brand-Rex is the highest performing Category 6 cable, featuring a star filler to provide additional headroom on key parameters. Brand-Rex Category 6 plenum cables feature the best in class AirES ® technology. This patented design saves as much as 32% of the available space in cable runs and is a key component of the Brand-Rex structured cabling system. The smaller diameter alsosaves space in the communications closet, reduces the amount of cable management accessories required and lowers the risk associated with fire and smoke in the plenum space.The Brand-Rex Category 6 System complies with all of the performance requirements for current and proposed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-Tx), 10/100BASE-Tx, token ring, 155 Mbps ATM, 100 MbpsTP-PMD, ISDN, analog and digital video and analog and digital voice (VoIP). 630 Series Category 6 UTP cables are available in standard colors including white, gray, blue and yellow.Category 6 Cables from Brand-Rex feature lead-free jacketing. Packaging is on reels or reel-in-a-box, with standard put-ups being 1000 ft splice-free lengths.


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