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DJ Wang Disco Fog Liquid,This Fog liquid is environment-friendly. fog liquid, disco fog liquid, DJ fog liquid, smoke liquid Applying up-to-date, formula, imported material with high purity and medical standard, stabilizer, edible flavor, purified water etc. The fluid is water-solubed combination for stage fog machines, not easy to cause jams,with environment protection approved for non-toxic,no harm to human body. The fog it forms is lily-white, equally diffused, stays in air for long time.It’s can be used safely.4.5 kg packing, 4.5 litter per bottle.

DJ Wang disco liquid ,is environment friendly . high purity performance dedicated smoke oil,distiled water and new environmental protection formula maid smoke for the pure white in air to maintain a long period of time,due to the adoption of the new formula ,it never produce greasr particule,no pollution ,suitable for weeding ceremony, wedding photography,KTV,stage family use and other high end place


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