Product Description

32 channel, 50m multicore cable on a portable extendable reel style stage box, featuring 8 return channels.

Large Stage Audio Multicore
The reel mounted stage box is prefect for large venues and outdoor festivals and gigs. A massive 24 XLR balanced send and 8 return channels to suit large PA systems.

Quality Multicore Cable 
Delivering a clean, accurate, un-interfered signal is the primary role of such a unit. We incorporate a multicore cable with individually shielded channels built with 0.22mm2 OFC twisted pair conductors, wrapped in a spiral copper shield plus an outer foil shield. Each channel is encased in its own PVC jacket, with an outer jacket around all channels.

Durable Neutrik Connectors
We use Neutrik connectors on both the stage box and fan connector ends. These are Neutrik’s standard series connector and offer the reliability and durability that we come to expect from Neutrik, without the high price tag of the newer, flashy models.

Reel Mounted Multicore System
The reel mount option makes for simple set ups and pack downs and keeps the cable rolled correctly to avoid damage. Features a brake system on the back to stop the drum from rotating once un-wound. 4 wheels attached to the bottom of the frame for easy maneuvering.


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