Yamaha CBR10 Overview

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The Yamaha CBR10 2-Way Passive Bass Reflex Speaker With 10″ Woofer is designed to deliver high-power, high-definition sound in a portable and versatile package for applications such as front-of-house, floor monitoring, and rigged configurations. The speaker uses custom designed transducers with a wide-dispersion constant directivity horn to deliver a frequency response of 50 to 20,000 Hz.

The speaker is the most compact model in the series. The power to size and rate ratio make it suitable for both portable and installed applications.

Custom Transducers and Wide-Dispersion Horn

Leverages carefully selected materials with a horn design that minimizes radiation pattern deterioration in oblique directions

HF Protection Circuit

Limits excessive input that might otherwise damage the speaker

Rugged, Portable Enclosure Design

Uses a lightweight plastic cabinet with ergonomic handle(s)


Features one speakON jack and one 1/4″ phone jack for fast connectivity

Enclosure Design for Floor Monitoring

Features a 50° wedge angle for floor monitoring

Rigging Points for Installation

Features M8 rigging points for rigged applications with optional speaker brackets and standardized eye-bolts

Functional Speaker Cover

Protects speaker from unfavorable weather during outdoor performances


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