Numark iCD MIX-2 Overview

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The Numark iCD MIX-2 Dual CD and iPod DJ System incorporates dual CD players and an iPod dock with a versatile 2-channel mixer for a complete multimedia DJ workstation. Mix iPod and CD audio seamlessly with this integrated workstation that features a versatile jog shuttle dial, iPod transport controls, replaceable crossfader, pre-fader cuing, 1/4″ phone and 1/8″ headphone connections and more. All this in an all-metal rack mountable enclosure that also features two inputs for turntables on the rear.

iPod Dock

Seamlessly mix CD, turntable and iPod audio.

Integrated Mixer

The integrated mixer/player combination is an ideal solution when space is limited, the compact design allows for frequent mobility.

MP3 CD Support

The iCD MIX-2 supports MP3 CD format, enabling DJs to carry larger libraries of music with less bulk.

EQ On Each Channel

Each channel features a two band EQ for real-time frequency manipulation.

Phono / Line Switchable Inputs

Dual phono/line switchable inputs allow external turntables or line level devices to be connected. A third line input is provided for dedicated line level signals, such as CD recorder playback, computer audio, etc.

Balanced and Unbalanced Output

The output section features both, balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA phono connections.

Continuous or Track Programmable Playback

The CD decks are programmable for continuous deck-to-deck playback or static track selection.


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