Roland TD-17KL-S Overview

The TD-17 K-L Compact V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit from Roland is the latest addition to the V-Drums series of electronic drums built with training tools that are designed to push you further. It includes: 1 x TD-17-L sound module, 1 x PDX-8 snare, 3 x PD-8A tom V-pads, 1 x CY-5 hi-hat, 1 x FD-9 hi-hat control pedal, 1 x CY-8 ride cymbal, 1 x CY-8 crash cymbal, 1 x KD-10 kick pad, and an MDS-COM drum rack stand. Combining a TD-50-class sound engine with updated pads, the electronic drum kit can be used to mirror the physical movement, stick coordination, and hand/foot control of an acoustic drum set.

An array of built-in coaching functions will track your technique, measure your progress, and increase your motivation to becoming a better drummer. In addition, if you regularly play acoustic drums, you won’t have to change your playing style to use an electronic drum kit. This electronic set allows you to use the same playing techniques you’d use on an acoustic kit.


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