M-Audio BX5 D3 Overview

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  • M-Audio BX5 D3 Kit gives you a pair of 2-way, 100W powered studio monitor with a wide frequency response. The monitors are easy to set up, working well for for mixers, DJs, and producers, as well as recordists in small control rooms or mobile rigs.

The monitor produces a frequency response of 52 Hz to 35 kHz, thanks to two Class A/B amplifiers feeding a 5” Kevlar woofer and 1” silk-dome tweeter. A rear-mounted bass port delivers extended bass response, while the tweeter’s custom waveguide yields a wide sweet spot and minimizes high-frequency scatter. Volume and low-frequency controls are provided, so you can tune the monitor to cooperate with the sound of the room. Place the monitor on the supplied acoustic foam pad to decouple it from a table or stands, to aid in reducing unwanted bass vibrations. Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced 1/4″ TRS inputs are on hand.


A magnetically-shielded 5″ military-grade Kevlar woofer provides durability and detailed transient response whilst negating unwanted “cone breakup.” It has a high-temperature voice coil and damped rubber surround. The magnetically-shielded 1″ silk dome tweeter delivers high frequencies up to 35 kHz with minimal resonance.


The rear-mounted bass port yields extended bass response while reducing audible air turbulence that can occur at high sound pressure levels. The tweeter sits in a custom waveguide designed to lessen scatter and yield a wide sweet spot. The process of aligning the monitor’s position is simplified, due to the front-mounted LED, which shines brightly when you’re located at the ideal angle.


The BX5 D3 has two Class A/B amplifiers, a 60W low-frequency amp and a 40W high-frequency amp. A crossover at 2.5 kHz ensures that the correct frequencies are fed to each driver.


In addition to adjustable volume, there is a low-frequency “Acoustic Space” control. Based upon the sound of your room, you may wish to tweak the bass response to achieve a certain frequency balance.


The BX5 D3 can accept a balanced line-level input at its XLR 3-pin connector. Route balanced or unbalanced signals into the monitor via the 1/4″ TRS jack.


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