Super flexible and hard wearing cables. Ideal for touring applications where harsh environments demand tough components. Ethernet and Ethernet based protocols continue to proliferate in the professional and domestic audio visual market and this cable more than holds its own. This cable has a foil shield and drain wire providing shielding from electro-magnetic interference. The cable is wired ‘Straight through’ with pin 1 going to pin 1 etc., using Metal/Plastic shielded cat5e connectors. The cable is terminated with Neutrik Ethercon connectors, the best in the business. Composed of a Rugged diecast shell and unique chuck type strain relief, they help to protect RJ45 connections in a variety of commercial type applications and is designed to prevent breakage of the fragile components of standard RJ45 connectors. A higher specification cable is also available from Van Damme, the TRUE screened SF/UTP version. This cable has a braided screen as well as foil so offers improved signal protection.


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