De acoustics HTL-3810 2x10inch  3way line array speaker with with big power and large range of performs well under big dynamic,its designed for live show,or  installation in church,stadium,theater or concert uses accurate horn to control well the converge of sound,to transfer spheroidal  wave to plane wave,so to reduce obvious interferometer effect of high-freq,to get clearer sound in long can match with HTL-3810SUB or AH Series subwoofers to combine as 4way system when sub low frequency is required.

HTL3810 uses 2 x 10inch woofer speakers(75mm voice coil) a 8inch mediant speaker ,and a two 1.75inch  neodymium tweeters (44mm voice coil) .The tweeter and mediant are in coaxial design .Horn loaded construction offers high sensitivity(116dB/1W/1M) and creates  a low wrap uses improved horn to control well the vertical coverage exactly at 8 degrees ,so to make seamless joining of sound.

There is no x-over network in HTL-3810. We offer accurate data for you to set in digital will be perfect if matched with De Acoustics DLP series digital  processor.HTL-3810 and sub HTL-3810SUB can connect together to be 4way system through aluminium flyware


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