Alesis Strike Overview

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Alesis Strike MultiPad – Using “Start Click”

The Strike MultiPad Percussion Instrument from Alesis is a versatile percussion pad that has been designed for optimal performance and creativity, whether you’re playing live or doing music production. This unit has nine velocity-sensitive pads that allow you to trigger internal and external sounds using the USB or MIDI ports.

The Strike MultiPad lets you modify samples and create loops. It can also be used in real-time for live performances. This unit will allow you to record samples from just about anywhere via USB, smartphone, microphone, or 1/4″ audio inputs. The Strike also features loop-based recording, so you can perform over the recorded loops of your own samples.

Visual Screen

This Strike MultiPad has a 4.3″ full-color display that shows the current kit, settings, and other information. With the Main Encoder knob, you can scroll through the available options.

Over 8000 Samples and Loops

This instrument holds 32GB of storage with over 6GB of content. The content includes loops, drums, and percussion. In addition to the factory preset sounds, you can import your own sounds to the User Library to add to kits.


The Strike MultiPad has a 2-Channel I/O USB Interface. Use a standard USB cable to connect the instrument so it will send and receive MIDI data and audio signal to and from a computer.


You can also use the Strike MultiPad to create samples from a mobile device, instrument, microphone, or another device connected to the Record inputs or directly from your computer using the USB port.

Built-In Audio Looper

The percussion pad features a loop-based recording of your pad performance or audio from the external audio input.

Customize Pads

The Strike MultiPad features 9 velocity-sensitive pads with configurable settings to adjust the playing dynamics of the pads. The lights under each pad are used to visually organize your programmed sounds. Using the display, you can view and edit all pad-related parameters.

Included Software

Pro Tools: Added with the Strike MultiPad is Pro Tools First, a special version of this acclaimed software, which includes an exclusive plugin bundle only available from Alesis. 

Ableton Live Lite: Also included with the Strike MultiPad is Ableton Live 10 Lite, which comes with all of Live’s essential workflows, instruments, and effects. It is everything you need to create, record, mix, and perform.


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