Long life (100,000 hour rated)
Rich, saturated non-fading colors
Low Power Consumption: Connect more units in a single circuit
No moving parts
Runs cool all night with no duty cycles
Razor sharp beams
Use with or without fog
4-Head LED Moonflower effect with sharp red, green, blue, and white high output color beams
AMDEKKERLED Protocol Compatible (Four or Seven DMX Channels)
3 Operating Modes: Master / Slave, Standalone, and Sound active
Internal microphone
Digital display for address and function setting
12 Sound active shows
Power cord daisy chain
224 LEDs (80 red, 60 green, 48 blue, and 36 white)
Produces LED patterns that can be projected on a dance floor or wall
Fast to slow strobe
Wide beam spread covers a large area
Sound active from built-in programs
Multi-voltage switch (120 or 230V)
High output with lens technology
Includes hanging bracket


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